Monday, March 31, 2014

Just another manic Monday!

Well it is Monday mornig and there is never a dull moment around here.  Each day starts with a prayer of "Lord give me the strength to face whatever challenges that are put in my path today."

Here are just a couple of the situations this morning besides me having to chase 7 of the neighbors piglets away from my office and Sseki telling me that his dog came home with a monkey...

1.  Got a text from Han (who is down with malaria in Kampala) that we are responsible for getting fuel from Busunju for the land mover that was hired to clear the roadway and level the land for the school block, teacher housing and ball field.  Problem is we don't have barrels nor a truck to haul the barrels of gas from Busunju.   Why am I just now getting this info and why wasn't it discussed when the agreement was  made?

2.  A young man named Samuel who is always hanging around campus came to register for school this morning.  Previously I had aaked why he wasn't in school and heard varying reports... he's dumb... he can't learn... his parents pulled him from school.  Well everytime I talk with him... he understands my English... he is articulate and always looks smart.  He is a slower learner but when approached with the idea of coming to school... he ran all the way home to bring his mother back.  His father is dying of AIDS and can't provide for the family.  The mother is doing her best to provide school fees for the yougest daughter by digging and doing odd jobs.  Ultimately Samuel is now enrolled and very happy to be getting an education.

3.  One of our P2 students walked into my office this morning with a hen under his arm.  We sent this dear child home last week because no school fees had been paid and the parents had not come to make arrangements.  This boy came back today with his hen to pay for school fees.  He wants to be at school so desperately that he is willing to give up his hen.  Humbling glimpses of what sacrifice truly looks like!

Please partner with us in prayer as we try to make a difference in these children's lives!  School is a huge sacrifice for many of these families and even though the parents portion of school fees is less than 10 cents a day... it is a struggle!  We have been in the midat of a spiritual battle with things breaking, sickness, added expenses, accidents, and just plain discouragement.   We would appreciate your prayers!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Case of the missing keys...solved!

After a week of keys going missing... John and Hannington finally picked up new locks on Wednesday when we went to town so that the school buildings would be secure.  Thursday morning I go to unlock the classrooms and find that Primary 2 is unlocked so I ask Stella where her keys were found.... she looked down for a moment and then said  in a quiet, embarrassed voice ... that she found them in her pocket.

Later in the morning after I had made tasseled key chains on the new keys for the nursery classes... Teacher Irene (our top class teacher) walks in and without saying a word drops the entire ring of keys for the nursery block on my desk.  I look at her and ask where she found them and she said they were with the toilet paper in the cupboard.  My guess is that someone went to get a roll of toilet paper out of the cupboard ... set the keys down... and forgot about them.

Case closed.... and I am kind of glad the keys were found because the new locks that were bought are too big for the latches so they don't work anyway!

Living on a budget

I have always tried to live within my means... not spending more than I have coming in. 

I have never taken a money management class but I had a mother who trained me well.

I have  credit cards that I use regularly and pay off at the end of every month. 

I have never been in debt... besides taking out a loan to purchase a house in Hawaii  which was paid off several years ago.

Up until a 2 years ago... I didn't follow a monthly budget.... it was at this point I was convicted to create one and it showed me where I could cut back even more on my daily expenses to be able to give more.

Since moving to a cash only society and living off of limited resources since I am not getting paid while here... I have learned a bit about true budgeting.

Each month I take the alloted amount that I have to spend (thanks to generous friends that have followed the Lord's leading to give) down to the forex to get it exchanged... from that I set aside money into different categories for things like... giving, groceries, transport, household expenses, fun money (for things like when we go to Kampala and we have lunch out), savings for emergency, etc.  My housing and most utilities are included in the agreement of me volunteering my time and services ... thanks to my aunt and uncle.

The money gets put into ziplocks with a notecard to write down what is spent.  Every penny... or in this case shilling... is accounted for so it makes you really think before you spend the money.  The rule is when a bag is empty... that is it... you just do without or make do with what you have even if it means beans and rice for a few more meals!  Any money left at the end of the month goes into a bag labeled gifts so when the time comes when I need to purchase gifts to take back to supporters... I have something to shop with.

One thing I have learned that if you are not intentional with your saving and giving... regular every day purchases will drain the resources.

God wants us to be good stewards of the resources he has given us.  It is to be used to further His kingdom and if you are in debt the enemy has you trapped where it is a struggle to give with a happy heart. 

Are there times that I want something that I can't afford and don't have the money for it?  Absolutely... it is those times that I trust that if it is truly a need then God will provise and if not then maybe I don't need it.  God has said he will take care of our needs according to his riches in glory but unfortunately I believe we as Americans have a very skewed view of what we absolutely need and what we want.  If we have to go into debt to get it... it is probably not a need.  Just a thought!

Defying gravity

It has been a glorious Saturday night catching up with friends and family while rocking out to the Glee soundtrack. 

I love chatting with friends and family as sometimes what they say or bring up is something new and I have an aha moment.  Well one of those happened tonight as I was chatting with a friend from Egypt... he asked how the weather was here and I told him a little cool at the moment but the days have been rather warm that I feel like I am melting.   I turned the question around on him and his answer was "wonderful like heaven".  From this the aha moment was that the weather in heaven will always be the perfect temperature... never too hot or too cold but just right! 

But the main reason I am writing is one of my favorite song from the musical 'wicked' just played on the Glee sound track... the song "Defying Gravity".  It has a catchy tune and I love the way that it is sung in the musical.   However tonight the lyrics caught my attention...

Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I'm through with playing by the rules
Of someone else's game

Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes and leap!

It's time to try defying gravity
I think I'll try defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye I'm defying gravity
And you won't bring me down!

I'm through accepting limits
'Cause someone says they're so
Some things I cannot change
But 'til I try, I'll never know!

Too long I've been afraid of
Losing love I guess I've lost
Well, if that's love
It comes at much too higher cost!

I'd sooner buy defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity
I think I'll try defying gravity
And you won't bring me down!

I'd sooner buy defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye I'm defying gravity
I think I'll try defying gravity
And you won't bring me down!
Bring me down!

Ahh ahhh ahhhh!

Go with me for a minute... gravity is what holds us down to this planet we call earth... without it we would be free to fly to heights not normally reached... yes I also know there are consequences to not having gravity but stay with me for a moment... if social norm is our gravity... how many times do we stay trapped unable to fly?  What would happen if we chose to defy gravity not accepting the limits put on us by things like social norm... fear of a broken heart... or others expectations???  If we chose to defy gravity, who would we leave behind?  What would change in your life?  How would your perspective change if you defyed the social norm and didn't care what others thought? Who would be willing to join you?  Who would bring you down?

Makes me really think who I need in my life and who I need to 'kiss' goodbye as they desire to be held down by gravity!  Limits are put on us by people who want to either control or protect us... either way there are times that the fear of getting hurt or the possibility of hurting others needs to be set aside so that we can break the limits and exceed what we ever thought possible. 

Ultimately to the brave and courageous ... let's defy gravity... breaking boundaries and reaching heights that we have only dared to dream!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


It happened again...I really should be used to the comments by now but it never fails to catch me off guard and throw me for a loop!

Today we were shopping for household appliances for the new visitor housing unit.  We were at Game buying a refrigerator and a gas stove.  It is quite a lengthy ordeal so I left Kimberly to take care of some of the paperwork while I ran to get catfood.  When I came back Kim and the sales guy (whose name is Frances) were talking about how he is a trained secondary teacher and they were discussing what we were doing in the village. Well Frances was really interested in coming to the village to teach when we had those classes and Kimberly throws out the question if he was married as she was wanting to set him up with one of our teachers.

Anyway the topic of me being single comes up and he immediately stops the conversation looks at me and asks... If you don't mind me asking... and you don't have to tell me because I know this personal...but how old are you?  (This is not a culturally appropriate question for any man to ask a woman here!)... I tell him and he is very puzzled how I can still be single at my age.  He said I just thought you were married and had children and that is why you are doing this.  My explanation was that God had not brought my husband into the picture yet... and that answer seemed to suffice.

I have had two other comments today relating to my singleness where I can fully see people just don't get it... one was "you have chosen not to get married" and the other was "if I could do it all over again at 15 ... I would remain single".  Just to clarify... I strongly desire to be a wife and a mother... but not stronger than my desire to obey and serve the Lord.  Ultimately the promise I am holding onto is if God found it good for me to be married right now I would be ...but at this point He has me fully serving him in a different capacity. 

The case of the missing keys... part 2

To recap part one... the nursery keys were never found even after offering a reward.  So Monday morning rolls around and the Baby, Middle and Top class teachers were locked out of their classrooms.  There was a lot of the blame game going around  and no one would look at me or each other in the eye...they rezlly don't like conflict intheis culture!   Basically told them that I don't care who did what... we just need to solve the issue.  The doors will remain locked until I get the keys or a solution has been come up with and I walked away to attend to the children.  I took them to Allen's classroom and settled them in with colorbooks and crayons.

Eventually a solution was come up with that new locks would be bought and taken out of their pay.  They wanted to not be sent home as it effects a day of learning for the children.  So I used my master set of keys and unlocked the doors but now I am the one responsible for unlocking the doors in the morning and locking up in the keyring continues to grow...and unfortunately the responsibility that I have tried to hand off to the teachers has come back to me.

Well today I walk up to school at a bit before 7am to unlockthe nursery classrooms to find my primary teachers not wanting to speak with me and they were speaking fast Luganda to one another.  I eventually figured out that the P2 teacher gave one of the students her keys to run back and get something after school yesterday and the keys never came back.  Ultimately not the students fault but hers for not getting the keys back immediately!  So I have told the kiddos... that the fkrst child to find the keys and bring them to me gets a reward ... otherwise a new lock will be purchased and taken from her salary. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vague not vogue

It is that point in the evening when I am trying to settle down to sleep and my brain is going a million miles an hour...  I am laying in my mosquito net with the fan going as it is rather balmy and I am pondering doors and believers giving advice that goes against God's word.

I am going to be vague in my ponderings as dirty laundry doesn't need to be aired in public...

If you have followed this blog for any length of time... you know my obsession with doors and how many times I have struggled with God on closed doors.  Doors that he has closed and locked for my protection.  Well now there is a door in my life that I keep praying will close so I can move on but the almighty foot is blocking it open.  No matter how much I beg, plead, and push... the door is getting no where close to being shut and it is frustrating because I don't see the purpose of it staying open... it just isn't making logical sense at the moment as I can't walk through the open door right now.

The other issue that I have struggled with is people in my life giving me advice of things I should (or shouldn't) be doing that don't line up with God's word.  As I have been telling my girls out here... the Bible is basic instructions before leaving earth... it is designed to be our road map in this life and I am not going to do anything intentionally to go against it.  That includes following the ways of God over the ways of man.  It has never been my intention to look or be normal... that is just not the way I roll.  We are called to edify and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ to do what is good.  What kind of friend would I be that purposefully led a sister into sin that could cause a lot of pain, suffering, and possible death...really?

Please know that if you offer advice and I don't follow it... it is not because I don't love you... it s
Is because I love God more and I am following what He says above all else.

The case of the missing keys

Friday afternoon as I was walking around the school as the kiddos were cleaning up... I noticed that the nursery block  of classrooms were not locked up.  It has been stated numerous times that when the teacher leaves for the day the classroom needs to be tidy and  locked up... meaning doors and windows. 

After asking the head teacher for the keys to lock up every thing... I find out the keys are missing and have been since Monday.  I ask why I was not told about this sooner and the othwr teachers kept saying we will find them.  None of the nursery teachers are taking responsibility of the missing keys and are playing the blame game...  which bothers me more than the missing keys. 

So I went up to teacher housing before Bible study and made it clear that if the keys were not in my hand by sundown there would be a consequence... I don't care  whose fault it may be but the classrooms needed to be locked.  I explained that you wouldn't leave for a long period of time and leave your house unlocked so why do it to your classroom.  It is only asking for trouble. 

Well after bible study was over I walked to my apartment and John and I went in search of the extra sets of keys.  Once found... we made sure all the doors and windows of all 5 classrooms were locked.  By this point the sun had gone down and no keys were in my possession.

Monday morning the teachers in the nursery block will be locked out of their classrooms unless someone finds the keys and admits the issue.  The Primary teachers have the keys to their classroom so that is not an issue.  I am interested to see how this plays out... 

Friday, March 21, 2014

What is my bride price?

Recently this has been a topic up for debate...  when I first moved to Uganda my bride price was set at 500 cows... when I went to Egypt my bride price went up to 1000 camels...  did I go up in value or what? 

Anyway this has all been an ongoing joke that has kept away unwanted trouble!

Today in women's Bible study we were discussing how the Proverbs 31 woman makes preparations for the future.  The particular verse is 21 that talks about how she does not fear the snow as her household is doubly clothed in scarlet.  I struggled as I prepped for the lesson because  how do you explain what this means in a culture that has never experienced snow. 

Ultimately I wanted to bring out the point that women of God... needed to make preparations for their children and themselves.  So the first thing we brought up is how could we prepare our children for rainy season... they believe here that if you get wet from the rain you will get very sick and possibly die... so it is something they could relate to.  They decided that they wouldn't send their child out with out banana leaves to shelter them from the rain... being doubly clothed in banana leaves...  ok it worked.

But as we talked about their future and making preparations I kept thinking that this is a 'live for today' culture that uses all the resources they have today because they don't know what tomorrow will bring... for example... If one of our staff gets paid... they will spend most if not all relatively quickly because if a family member or friend have an emergency and need money... the culture says you have to give what you have... and an emergency can be just about anything.  One of our male workers is trying to save up for his fiancé s bride price so he has the foreman holding his pay until it is time to pay the father. 

Ok with all that explained I wanted to have the ladies come up with a way to save for the future so since weddings are a big deal... I hypothetically said... I am getting married in 9 months... how much do I need to save to do this...  I got responses from 100,000 UGX to 3,000,000 UGX (basically $40 to $1000)... then I posed the question... how will I come up with the money needed for the wedding?  I got the response that you ask friends and family and they will give (this would be one of those 'emergencies') ... the ladies also said that you would just have to cut back on daily things which is kind of where I wanted the conversation going to lead into saving and making preparations for the future.

However I was thrown off guard when Allen asked the question... what about the gift for the bride?  Here I am thinking the gifts that are received at the reception but as I was explaining she stopped me and said... no the gift given to your father for you (my bride price).  I tried to explain that normally the parents of the bride and groom give gifts to the couple but the groom doesn't have to pay the parents of the bride.  All four of the ladies were astounded by this piece of information!

This changed my mindset on how I have been looking at the entire issue on bride price...  I guess I had always seen it as a meat market and felt like it was degrading... but after todays discussion it shows the woman has great value... the groom has to work diligently for his bride to be so he doesn't go into marriage lightly... and it is a reward for the parents for raising their daughter well!

Still not saying that I want my value measured in livestock but it has changed my perspective on what I am worth!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Picts from the brown eyed cuties!

Some daily picts of the little brown eyed cuties at Integrity Primary School.  A lot of these children are up for sponsorship and in order continue to educate these little ones we are in need of another school block for the 2015 school year... will you partner with us???  
A tax deductible donation can be given at... 

A face in the crowd

I thought I saw you in the midst of a crowd.  The image of you made my heart leap thinking that you had come to my side of the world.  But in reality it was just a stranger with similar facial features not realizing the impact on my heart.

I blame this heart of mine for holding out hope but sometimes it is that hope that moves me from day to day.  Maybe we will actually meet up face to face again one day.... or maybe not.  You do not realize the impact you have made on my life.  To realize that someone could love me for me... despite all of my quirks is astonishing to me.  You seem to accept this imperfect person like no one else I have met. 

Not sure what you are going through at this moment in time but I know I am called to stand in the gap for you... to faithfully pray no matter how silly it seems.  Most of the times it just seems crazy but being obedient is more important. As many times as I have tried to close the door... The almighty foot has stood in the way blocking the door from closing.

So maybe seeing your face in the crowd was just a reminder to continue to pray.  So know my friend that you have been prayed for today!

Angels among us

There are days that pass that everything runs along very smoothly... then there are days when we are reminded that God's hand of protection is surrounding us.  Many days we do not see the battle that wages all around us but it is very real.  Then there are days that we get a glimpse of the battle and have to truly thank the Lord for his grace and his mercy.... for there be  I but by the grace of God.

Yesterday was one of those days when I was reminded on several occasions how God has his angels among us to lead, guide, and protect.

Hannington, John, and I needed to head to Kampala to pick up supplies for the new building, a sewing machine for school uniforms, shoes for new students, and groceries so that we have something to eat until Mamma Kimberly arrives on Monday.  We had a bit of a delayed start due to me having a skype in grad school class from 6:30am til 9 am.  We barely had left the village when the brakes on the vehicle were making a lot of noise.  We added a trip to the mechanics on our to do list for the day thinking it was just an issue of a different kind of brake fluid that was mixed in the last time we had it serviced.  We just had the rear brakes replaced a month or so ago and when that took place they supposedly checked the front brakes and everything was good!

Anyway... we ran most of our errands all the while the brakes making more and more noise.  We finally get it to the shop... they take the wheels apart and there is basically nothing left of the rooters...  so they replaced those and the pads on both sides of the front... bled the brake fluid lines and after almost 4 hours were back on the road again.  By this point it is almost 7pm and we were all hungry as lunch had long since worn off.  Stopped by Nakumatt to pick up something to eat and then tried to head back to the village.  Due to the time of day... traffic was horrible so Hannington decided to take some of the back roads from his old stomping ground to keep us from sitting in heavy traffic for hours.  On one of these back roads a van forced us to move left and the truck we were driving fell into a rather large hole that was unseen until it consumed the front end of the truck.  Besides being a bit jostled and sitting sideways...all occupants were ok!  It was at this moment that the big truck directly behind us stopped... seeing what had happened... gets out to offer assistance. (This doesn't normally happen in Uganda... people may stand around watching or offer suggestions but very few offer to assist.)  Within about 10 minutes the big truck hooked our truck up to his bumper and very slowly and carefully pulled us out. 

Thankful that this truck driver was an angel in disguise to assist in time of need.... thankful that John and Hannington had put very strong steel "bumpers" around the front and back of the truck preventing major damage... thankful that we were in a vehicle meant for off roading so that the under carriage was well protected...thankful that for what ever reason we were just slightly delayed because you never know what could have happened if this didn't slow us down a bit... thankful that the brakes were fixed before something major happened.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Oh what freedom

Recently I have been faced with many things that as Americans we have the freedom to do or not do.  Many of these freedoms are limited to Americans but very much taken for granted.

Some recent examples...

Freedom of be able to say and write what I want without fear of being persecuted.  Many can not share via writing or verbally what is going on in there lives or where they are at without alerting the country officials of what they are doing.

Freedom to wear what you want....even in the US church you can dress as modestly or immodestly as you choose.  Many women do not have this liberty.  They are covered to be protected by their husbands, religions, or cultures. For many it is a religious thing but for others it is a safety thing

Freedom between church and state... in the USA it is illegal to ask a persons religion when hiring them for a job... for many it is listed on their government ids

Freedom to change religions...with that said if you change your religion the authorities are notified and if you do not go into hiding you are hunted down and killed

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A day in Alexandria

When we were deciding what to do while I was here in Egypt... one of the options was to come to Alexandria.  So after deciding how to get there and what day worked for everybody's schedule....we decided to take the train on Tuesday.  We were blessed with a beautiful day and even though the forecast called for 40 % chance of rain... there was not a cloud in the sky!

We left the house at 6:45am and took the metro to the train station to catch an 8am train... arrived in Alexandria a little over 2 hours later.  We walked from the train station to see the Roman theatre ruins and the bird villa.  It is amazing how these areas are literally built on top of over time... and they uncover different time periods the deeper they go.  Many of the ruins here were also found in the Mediterranean delta.  The Roman amphitheatre was really cool because you could stand at the bottom and be heard clearly all the way up.

The bird villa would have been a dwelling of a family.  The tiles on the floor are mosaics of birds.  There were people in there restoring the edges.  One lady has been working on this project for 40 years!  What a legacy!

We then walked through the streets and markets to Pompei's pillar at Amud  El-Sawari.  In most movies that reference Alexandria... this is where they would say the library of Alexandria was located but the exact location is unknown...after that we walked to the catacombs where a donkey "accidently" found these ruins.  It is where the the dead would be lowered down through a shaft then the mourners would go down to honor their loved ones.  It was filled with tunnels with holes in the wall where the dead would be laid to rest.  Definitely a mixture of Egyptian art with a Roman twist.

From there Magdi got us a cab that took us to the Citadel of Qaitbay.  The cabs here are much smaller than in the US... think Geo Metro 4 door... three of us squeezed into the back seat while Magdi sat up front with the driver.  The citadel was used to defend Alexandria from attacking ships!  It stands where the lighthouse of Alexandria once stood.  Historians say that an earthquake distroyed to lighthouse but the citadel was built with its remains.

Oh to live in an area with such a long lasting history... something you do not find in America!

All of this is right on the Mediterranean so I had to dip my feet in!  The water was quite cold and the sand... nothing like Hawaiian sand that you can brush off.  Needless to say... my feet have had a nice pumicing with all the walking afterwards!

Had a lovely supper at the fish market.  Got to pick out our fish for dinner and then had the typical Egyptian spread with all the salads and pita bread... (hummus, tihina, etc)... I think I was filled before the fish even arrived... but oh so good and we did walk a lot today!

Had some time before walking back to the train station so we stopped for tea.  Lori and I discussed accreditation. Then as we left we needed to cross several lanes of heavy traffic... Magdi grabbed my hand and led me across the street.  This started a ritual that occured every time we needed to cross the street.  To give you an idea of how crazy it is to cross the road... there are no such things as crosswallks here and it is like crossing I-85 or H1... like a giant real life game of frogger...

Magdi says if I move to Egypt... he will escort me across the street for three months... after that I am on my own.  Too funny!

Well we made it to the train safe and sound...currently sitting in first class riding back to Cairo.  After riding a camel for almost an hour yesterday and all the activity today... my body is rather tired and achy...  I truly have camel-back from muscles used yesterday!  Think I may have to take some pain meds before going to bed tonight. 

Can't believe tomorrow is my last day in Egypt.  It has truly been a good trip and I hope to return in the near future!

Traveling companions

Ok... if you have been with me on this journey for any length of time... you know that normally I have no issue traveling by myself. 

However the past couple of days, I have seen the benefit of traveling with an 'alpha male'.  Especially one that speaks the local language and is out to protect!

Maybe it is part of how I was created but I really enjoy the comfort of feeling safe and protected.  It has been nice to have someone take me by the hand as we are hurrying through a busy train station or as we cross a busy street when the traffic doesn't slow down... or to have someone say back off to an unknown male encroaching on my space... or to have someone stand up for me and thinking I am beautiful.  I also enjoy having someone in my life that is willing to help shoulder the burden when the physical load gets to much to bear.  It is a blessing to desire to do something and have someone else say I will take care of making it happenno matter how silly it sounds or how much they don't like the activity.

Not sure what my heart is being prepared for... maybe a 'forever' tangible travel companion... but at the moment it has truly been  a blessing.

So at the moment as I sit on the 2 and a half hour train ride to Alexandria... I feel very safe and protected and know that the details of the day are unknown but taken care of. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Things taken for granted

After living in the village for the past 6 months, I am realizing that there are a lot of things I have taken for granted over the years that I am being reintroduced to and seeing in a new light while I am visiting American friends.

For example... getting out of a steaming hot shower with good water pressure makes me want to sing Heavenly Sunlight!

Being able to have internet that downloads a you tube video in minutes instead of hours...
A grocery store where you can buy chocolate chips...
Electricity that only goes off for only an hour each day and doesn't require a generator...
Doing laundry at night no matter the weather...
Being able to order fast food that comes in less than 2 hours...
Getting to shop in an actual store that has air conditioning and not mobs of people...
Trying new recipes because I can find the recipe and all the ingredients...

These things may seem insignificant... but after living without these things it is a breath of fresh air!

Riding a camel in Egypt!

Getting on the camel!  Quite a hilarious process!

Riding through the desert with my little guide!  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Joys of traveling

One of the many things that I enjoy about traveling is meeting all kinds of people.  I enjoy hearing their stories and getting to know why they are going from point a to point b. 

On my flight to Ethiopia today sat beside a young lady traveling back to San Francisco.  She had spent time in Uganda seeing the sights and getting to see the gorillas and chimps.  As we sat in the airport in Ethiopia waiting for our connecting flights we shared stories and pictures.  Also enjoyed people watching.

I guess I take after my mom... where I have never met a stranger!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

It is HOT!

While many of you are sitting under piles of snow...I am here sweating profusely!  The past couple of days have been sweltering... even the Ugandans are saying it is hot.  Spent the morning sitting in traffic with no air con then walking around African village with David... currently sitting in Entebbe airport just dripping... every once in a while I feel a bit of cool air and it is definitely cooler than the checkin counter... but still very warm.

Comical moments getting into the airport... after walking up the hill pulling luggage in to the airport I look up to see that I have just photo bombed a muindies picture.  I said excuse me and started walking off when he says wait... just one more picutre.  I am thinking he may have been taking my picute in the first place.  Hmmmm!

Once I get checked in I am standing in front of the immigration lady getting my papers checked and I make the comment ... the fan feels good... (she had a circular fan behind her going full blast)....she looks at me with a straight face and says... I can detain you so that you can cool off.  Just let me know when you are cool!  LOL!

Well I think I have cooled down enough to wander around.  Was here 2.5 hours before departure and it only took me 15 minutes to check in and clear immigration.  Have to go through security before boarding the plane!

Really not looking forward to long sleeves for the next two weeks in the heat of Egypt!  Praying for an AC that works well!

Next stop...Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!