Tuesday, April 21, 2015

If tomorrow starts without me...

I once heard a poem by this title and it recently came back to me and made me ponder...

Am I doing the best I can with the time allotted?

We don't know our time here... for some the time on this planet is just hours while others get 100+ years...

If tomorrow starts without me, would this world be any different for me having lived in it? Would people realize I was no longer here? Would there be things left unsaid? Would there be things left undone? Would people in my life wonder where I stood? Or what they meant to me?

Did I say "I love you" enough?
Did I show my appreciation for those that came alongside and assisted in this journey?
Have I done all I could with what resources I had?
Could I have given more of my time... my energy... my heart... or my finances?
Would there be a list of should've... would've... could've's...or things on my bucket list undone?

Have I listened enough?
Have I given enough hugs?
Have I trusted enough?
Have I told others how I truly feel?
Have I said 'I love you!' Enough?

If tomorrow started without me... would I be missed?

Letting it go!

It is a few days before valentine's day... a holiday I have loved since I was a little girl due to what it stands for.  I guess a year or so ago I thought this would be the day I would be getting my dream come true... the chance to be a wife with the hopes of becoming a mother.  I always thought it would be ideal to get married on the 14th of February and since in the year 2015 it fell on Saturday.... I thought it was destined to happen.

Then choices were made... I chose to move to the other side of the world... he chose to not stay in contact...I chose to hold out hope and make excuses... he chose to find another girl closer to home... so I moved again. 

In the process of moving on... two worlds collided... setting me on a course to find a man who loves me for me.  Unfortunately old habits die hard... walls are put up...trust issues from the past are put on non-suspecting innocent by standers...  and any one who wants a commitment is pushed away. 

Will I ever find someone that loves me for me... even with all my insecurities... even with all my flaws and faults... even with just being me? I know we are all imperfect people just trying to make relationships work.  Relationships... whether friends... family... or more... all take work.  It takes both parties laying down their issues and fears and saying I love you inspite of our differences.  

The list of ideal qualities in my ideal husband was tossed into the wind a long time ago and I am realizing that I have a lot of things to work on personally before I can expect anything from anyone else.  The more I learn about myself the more I realize how far I have to go.  So I am letting go of the ideal... concentrating on today... and trusting that my divine creator has a perfect purpose and plan for me.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Travel tips

Several people have commented in recent months that I am so lucky/blessed to be able to travel and I realized I guess I am... however this is my life.... this is my normal. 

I have made choices on this journey through life and because of those choices... I have had some awesome opportunites to explore this world... but I would like to say... IT HAS BEEN MY CHOICE.  And I have given up some things to travel this not so normal road.

You too can set up a life of adventure by following a few simple steps...

1.  Follow your passion.  I made a commitment a long time ago to follow my Creator wherever He led.  Being the gentleman that He is... I have had the choice to listen to that small quiet voice or listen to the clatter of the world telling me... use your time, talent, and treasure for yourself.  My time, talent, and treasure have been multiplied because I am not doing it for my gain.

2.  Be intentional.  What do you want to do? Make a list... nothing is off limits or too far out of reach.  Some might be harder to achieve but that is where the next item comes into place.  Make this an ongoing growing list... it can be things you want to see... places you want to travel... experiences you desire... (see my 100 things to do... and 100 more things to do lists on this blog)

3.  Kick in the creativity.  We are all given 24 hours as a gift each day.  How do we spend our time? Do we spend our days slaving away to earn extra money to buy the kiddos more stuff? How about using a day or two and spend some time creating experiences with those you love? Now I know you are pobably thinking ... but I can't just take off a day or two to go see the pyramids... or the eiffel tower... or the great wall.... oh but could you see what fun adventures lie within a hour or two drive or flight from your house? Have you gone to the sites like the battlefields... or Yosemite... or Nigara falls? Granted I know these trips are easier as a single person but I do have responsibilites.  Maybe instead of a once a month weekend trip... for a family plan a weekend trip hiking in the mountains... or boating at the lake... or camping at the beach.  Life is full of adventures and it is the memories that will last a lifetime.

4.  Make friends.  Most of my connections worldwide are friends or friends of friends that have quickly become friends.  I don't do the whole tourist thing well... when I travel I like to look at it as a time to fellowship with and encourage friends.  This has increased my international friend group which just allows for more opportunities.