Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday Fun

After an intense summer in grad school and an emotional week adjusting back to Molokai, I have been in need of a fun girls weekend.  On Friday afternoon, Whitney and I flew to Oahu to start our grand adventure.  The afternoon started with pedicures, some shopping, and dinner at Outback before heading up North Shore.  We stayed the weekend with Nicci and ALL the Pou boys... her hubby, four boys, and a couple of extra friends.  Friday night we stayed up til 1:30am or so talking story.

Saturday, Whit and I kidnapped Nicci and went to Kapolei shopping/browsing. Had lunch then headed to Mililani for an adventure.  One of the things on my bucket list was to go rock climbing and since I am trying to retrain my brain that fun doesn't have to revolve around food... this was as good of time as any.  After a brief training we harnessed in and took turns climbing....

 Up... up.... and away!
 Made it to the top!!!  Woohooo!!!
 Nicci's turn...
 Whitney did it!!!
 An absolutely amazing workout and a fun time with friends.  We will have to do this again soon! 

After rock climbing, we went with all of the boys to the movies... some of us went to see Ice Age and a couple of the boys went to the new Batman movie.  Before heading home we stopped at Baskin Robbins to pick up an ice cream cake and stuff for dinner.  Dawn and Bella joined us for a birthday dinner at the Pou's. 

The evening was finished off by a Just Dance competition... which was just plain ole FUN!

Today we went to The Mission for an amazing message and time of worship.  After church, we headed to do some shopping before I dropped Whitney off at the airport.  I have a meeting downtown tomorrow so I don't head home until tomorrow evening.  But it has been a fabulous birthday weekend!  Now I am ready to hit the ground running with school stuff starting in 2 days!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


After a four and a half hour conversation with my mom tonight, it seems that the topic of trust came up numerouse times.  Mainly... am I trusting God for ______?  Fill in the blank... finances... health... relationships... future.  This has been my weakness lately... not trusting enough to not be stressed.  Basically I start off trying to figure things out on my own.... issue is bigger than I can handle... I stress because I can't... then God kindly reminds me... "You're right... you can't but I CAN!  Just TRUST me!". 

Back to the present moment,  I sit down to work on my Bible study, open to the page where I left off and the question is posed "Will you trust God even when there is no immediate reward?"  REALLY.... I think I am getting the hint that God is growing me to trust him more.  Trust Him when health is failing... trust Him when the bills are piling up... trust Him when you're called to do something you don't understand... trust Him when someone is removed from your life... trust Him when doors keep closing... trust Him even when the washing machine spins its last cycle.  Just TRUST Him!

Ultimately it is in those times that we trust Him despite not seeing the outcome that our faith has a chance to grow.  It is also at those times when we come to a place of ultimate surrender...not my will but yours.

"My life is in Your hands.  My heart is in Your keeping."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Bachelorette

This is the first season that I have gotten hooked on the reality tv show "Bachelorette" on ABC.  Normally I don't get ABC at my house and most seasons there is just too much drama for my liking.  For whatever reason, I stumbled upon Emily midway through this season. 

A little background... Emily is a single mom who has been left at the alter on a previous season of The Bachelor.  She as invited back to find her "chance" at love again with 25 guys.  Each week at least one guy doesn't receive a rose and is sent packing.

I think that is enough background.  Any way most seasons, in my opinion it is based on lust not love.  The majority of the show is spent with the bachelorette making out and making false promises to the myriads of guys in hopes of finding "love".  I guess, this season, what really caught my attention is how genuine some of these guys were.  Some were very respectful and had a heart to find true love even with risking a major heartbreak.

Ok... all this leading up to the episode tonight...  Emily has narrowed it down to three guys... spends an enchanting week in Curacao with them.  At a very emotional rose ceremony she sends Sean home.  Sean is  the one that I really thought Emily would end up with... just a truly genuine heart.  As Sean is leaving, he lovingly says to Emily, "I care about you.  If this is the best for you then do what is best for you."  Sean left shell shocked as this had caught him off guard and he was truly heart broken.  His comment reminded me out of 1 Corinthians 13, the verse that says "Love is not self seeking".  True love looks out for the other persons heart before their own and I think that was evident in Sean's heart.

So much of our world is built on "if you love me, you will...".  The self-gratification type of love that puts "me" ahead of others.  God's view of love is opposite... it is not self-seeking... His love says "I love you so much that I will lay down my life for you so that you may live."  Such amazing TRUE love.

Monday, July 9, 2012

What if????

Such a small question with big ramifications.  The enemy often plants those two little words to get our minds reeling over something that more than likely will never happen.  From those two little words comes endless hours of worry and wasted time.  Sometimes those two little words inflict self-doubt (what if I fail?) ... other times horrible assumptions on others...Our brains so often go toward the negative "what ifs" first.  Recently I have been called out on making these "what if" assumptions concerning myself and others.  Jumping to conclusions and worry... instead of seeking His truth and peace.  I have been blessed with people in my life that will "check my heart" and see where  I am headed with my "what ifs".  After being called out on these, I am trying to focus on my reactions that they give the positive outlook rather than the negative.  God has been putting numerous opportunities in my life to "assume" the best of others.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Less of me... more of YOU!

Lately in my quiet time, I am sensing a recurring theme that I have to decrease so that HE may increase. I have to lay down my selfish desires in order to completely, wholeheartedly follow His desires. I can't have it both ways. My expectations must be put in the trash so that I can expect Him to do great things. This life is not about me but ALL about HIM!!!

Well in my free time tonight I ran across this video of Eric Ludy giving a commencement speech. It is very thought provoking so I thought I would share. Let me know what you think!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Meet Mr. Smith

Found this intriguing book on the half price shelf at the local Christian bookstore on Sunday.  The authors names, Eric and Leslie Ludy, caught my attention as I had read their book several years ago entitled, "When God writes your love story".  This books title, "Meet Mr. Smith", had me curious especially when I read the subtitle... Revolutionize the way you think about sex, purity, and romance.  Our culture is so filled with junk (aka sin) that it is a daily struggle to live a pure life.  Recently some christian friends were discussing a "hot" new movie that had just come to the big screen.  The temptation was there to go see it but then the conviction of the Holy Spirit set in and reminded me that Christ is calling me to a life of purity.  Not just physically but in what I see (tv, movies, etc), in what I read (internet, books, magazines), and in what I listen to (music).  I will be the first to admit, I fall so short but I am truly reminded at how God truly protects when we allow Him to.

As I was reading this book tonight, a couple of things stood out to me about purity...

1. " Purity is the opening act for the greatest acttion drama of anyone's life.  (It) sets the stage for heavenly love stories that leave Hollywood's lusty counterfeits blushing with bewilderment (pg74)."

2. purity is here for one purpose- to make people's lives beautiful and amazing.

3.  it takes works- "if people want the best, they need to be prepared for a little pain, a little discomfort, and a little hard work."

I truly want God's best.  I refust to settle for an imposter when God's absolute best is right around the corner.  Lately He has been showing me that there is blessing in obedience.  Anything good is worth waiting for... so while I am waiting I will be about my Father's business and at this point that is making purity a priority in every aspect of my life!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sleepless in Honolulu

It is 12:30am on Saturday night/Sunday morning.... for those of you that know me, know I am not a night owl.  However, I slept in today, worked on papers and projects, and then took an afternoon nap due to a headache.  Now unfortunately I can't sleep... 

With my mind going a million miles an hour, I thought maybe it would be beneficial to do some reading (other than grad school articles)... still no sleep... decided to exercise.... still no sleep... so I have been reading past blogs... this has made me think about the cyclical pattern of trials in our lives... ok bear with me and hopefully it will make since.  Trials come into our lives to grow us.  The enemy uses these trials to try to stumble us and get us to doubt God's love and faithfulness.  The more we trust in God's strength and wisdom during the trials, the smaller the trial becomes and the larger our God shows up.  When we are confident in who our God is in the midst of a trial the less ground we allow the enemy to have.

Reading blogs from several years ago, to be honest, there are still issues that I struggle with to this day.  In many of these situations, I have realized that they may always show up during certain seasons however they are not as big of an issue or trial as I know now that my God has ulitmate victory.  He is large and in charge.

Ok... switching gears... as I am sitting here I have my itunes playlist running and we have hit the christmas section... it made me realize that we are officially in July as of 30 minutes ago.  I know it sounds silly to equate Christmas music with the month of July but it brings fond memories of Christmas in July parties when I first moved to MKK. 

July also means...
  • we are halfway through another year
  • school starts this month
  • I officially add another year to my age and we get to celebrate!!! :)
So as I am "walking in a winter wonderland" my eyelids are getting a little droopy so I think I may go try this novel idea known as sleep!