Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Living a life of adultery

I am a prostitute when I tell God "You are not enough for me."  I am restless and need to find my rest solely in God.  If I look for rest anywhere else I am awhoreing myself to the ways of the world.

O Lord may I solely look to You to be my everything.  Forgive me for the numerous times I have sought after the things of the world over the things of You.  I desire an intimate relationship with you and you alone!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Precious in His sight


"All it takes is a moment to change a child's life."

I spend a minute wasting time worrying about something minuscule when I could be pouring into a child. Children are so precious to God. Shouldn't they be just as precious to us???

After having the pleasure of visiting Compassion International and Focus on the Family, God has reminded me of where He wants me. So many times children are forgotten. They are the first to go hungry in a famine. They are the first to lose their education in the midst of financial crises. They are the first to be killed when it's inconvienent. They are the first to be living on the streets when sickness occurs. To so many these children are invisible and dispensible. Are we seeing these little ones from the eyes of God or are we so wrapped up in our agenda and busyness that we push them aside?

God has really convicted my heart on seeing children through His eyes... through this conference, seeing the stand that Compassion and Focus on the Family take on children, and from the book "When Invisible Children Sing" by Dr. Chi Huang. During all my flying time over the past few days I read this book from cover to cover on the street children of Bolivia. Throughout the book, I was in tears and the Lord showed me aspects of these precious little ones and what they go through on a daily basis. Things that have been ignored by American Christianity because it is so far away but I have been challenged that these are God's children.

"Do you see our invisible children? Economics and technology widen the moats and heighten the walls between us in the developed world and the poor of the developing world. Political parties distort our vision. Many on the left wish us to believe tht our street children are innocent and helpless victims. In contrast, those on the right often define these children as violent, lazy vermin deserving of their torture. Street children are not good or bad, but rather complex human beings with good and bad qualities- just like us all." (When Invisible Children Sing, pg 291-292)

What can we do... ignoring it won't make it go away so I challenge myself and you to pray and see what God would have you do for these invisible children...

would it be sponsoring one child through Compassion International releasing them from poverty in Jesus' name?

would it be becoming a foster/adoptive parent to an orphaned child?

would it be teaching a child in our path about the love of Jesus?

would it be serving on the mission field or praying for one who does?

If Jesus said "Let the children come to me" (Matthew 19:14) should we turn them away???


"Great is your faithfulness. All I have your hand has provided." You are truly ENOUGH!

The hand of God that created the majestic rock formations... is ENOUGH to provide for each need according to HIS riches in glory!

Over the past few days I had the privilege of going to Colorado Springs for the International Early Education Leadership Conference (IEELC) with ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International). The theme has been "ENOUGH" with seminars entitled "Finding Enough", "The illusion of Enough", "Beyond Enough- Going the Extra Mile to Build Bridges", "Small enough to impact", and "Enough is Enough".

So my question is -Is God enough for what He has called us to do? Am I trusting in myself to do enough or listening to God as to what He says is enough for me to do? How many times do I try to do things out of my own strength when God's is enough?

God used these conferences to remind me that I am to only do what He has called me to do. It is not my job to do everything that people want me to do but to do only the things God has put before me. What a freeing fact to know that I don't have to be enough by myself because I will never live up to that.

He created enough supply. He offers enough supply. He is ENOUGH! Are you tapping into the right source?