Sunday, August 28, 2011

Walking in Unity... RIGHT NOW

Some reminders of unity....

Ephesians 4:7-16

*We never look more like Jesus than when we're unified in our faith.

*God has given you gifts to not just hang around or to run off and do your own thing but to work in unity with the body of Christ.

*like a puzzle we are all different... our sizes, shapes and backgrounds but when we are put together in love we produce a beautiful image of Jesus.

*no matter where you are we can work together in the unity of Christ.  I absolutely love working with other saints all of the world to build up the body of Christ.

*Time is limited-  we don't have time to waste on the minute details... we are called to equip, work together, build up and preserve the unity.  Make the time worth your energy

*You can't be unified in faith if your faith is in the wrong thing

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"What a girl wants..."

Books have written on it...
Music has been sung on it...
Movies have portrayed it...
but what does a girl really want???

Last night on my way home, Shania Twain's "Any man of mine" came on.... before I even realized it I was singing along to ALL the lyrics... (ok- I grew up in the south!).  As I sat there thinking on the words coming out of my mouth, the words of my daddy echoed through my head at the first time he heard the lyrics... "What a double standard!"  I think he was specifically referring to the line that says... "I can be late for a date that's fine but he better be on time."

How come we come up with rules for others but for some reason the rules don't apply to us?  For so many years I had envisioned the "perfect" husband... sparing a lot of details I have realized a couple things...

1.  How can I expect a perfect husband when I am no where close to being perfect?

2.  How many double standards I had put out there?  (ie.  my husband needs to take care of his body... while I was overweight and a sedentary lifestyle)

So as I have gotten older... what does this girl want?
  •  a man who loves Jesus first and foremost (I am ok being second!)
  • a man to share the adventures of life with
  • a good provider- doesn't have to have a high dollar job just be able to provide for his family!
  • a good father who adores his children- whether biological or adopted
  • a spiritual leader

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If you give a mouse....

Being a preschool teacher I am really ok reading books on mice... watching movies on mice... doing projects on mice...

I am however not ok with one that thinks he is our class pet....  Today I was going into the art closet... opened the drawer to the yarn and found one peering back at me with his beaty little eyes... as if I was disturbing him! 

Not ok!  You are invading my space and need to remove yourself.  I was really beginning to think we had gotten rid of most of them because I haven't caught any in a few days.  After a dry summer... they have come inside looking for water (and food) so there for several weeks we were catching a couple of mice a night until it peaked at 5 mice and 1 rat being caught within 12 hours.  After that we have caught one here or there and then the past few days... none... until today!

Ewww buddy ... I am waging war!!!  Be warned!

Monday, August 15, 2011

What a difference a day makes!

Wow... what a difference a day makes!  Twenty four hours ago, I was throwing a fit because I was tired of being patient and waiting.  I felt overwhelmed by all the things God was calling  me to trust Him on.  Thankfully his mercies are new every morning.

After spending some time in prayer and in the Word, I started to see him moving in specific areas.  These areas just last night that I finally surrendered to His faithful hands.

As I am rereading this post I realize how vague it is... so for clarification purposes... one of the trust issues was over finances for the upcoming Egypt trip.  Some might beg to differ with my convictions on this but I truly believe that when God calls you to do something He will provide.  Normally when I go on a "missions" related trip... I send out support letters asking for prayer and donations.  After reading the George Mueller story along with several other missionary stories, I felt God calling me to take a step out on faith and trust Him for the financial aspect.  As I have been looking for tickets to Egypt they have been around $1700... way out of my reach but not too big for God.  I also had not gotten a peace about buying the tickets yet.  Well this morning when I went into my office... I sat down to check email and the first one is from the lady in Egypt that I am working with for the teaching conference.  She was confirming the trip and a few details.  I replyed back and then pulled up orbitz for my travel arrangements to check on prices.... basically overnight they had dropped in price by $300.  God finally gave me His peace to buy the tickets trusting that He will provide what is needed when it is needed!

Throughout the day God provided a couple of other glimpses of what He was doing while I am waiting.  Ultimately it is not about me... If I could do it, my need for Him would diminish.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trust and Obey...

...for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus...

ok... please excuse me for 2 1/2 minutes while I throw a temper tantrum. 

The recurring theme over the past few days is trust.  God has made some pretty big promises and all He is calling me to do is trust Him that it will happen in His timing.  Yet here I sit AGAIN crying before God... why now... when... you promised. 

I realize I sound like a spoiled brat because I feel like one who hasn't gotten her way.  Yes I am tired.... yes, I am emotional... yes I hear his quiet voice asking patiently.... Are you done with your fit?  Are you going to trust me?

My answer:  Yes Lord.  I will trust that your way is perfect

Saturday, August 13, 2011


While listening to a podcast from, I was challenged with the idea of independence. Growing up I was taught that I can do anything I put my mind to.... to be independent. Over the years I have found that independence in singleness is a two edged sword....

+ freedom to travel

- airports are not set up for "single" travellers... ie one person gets luggage and then drags it out to find the car

+ cooking an experimental dinner

- eating it by yourself

+ being single and satisfied

- being seen that others aren't needed

+ able to spend endless hours in the Word

- not having anyone to share my heart with

Perks of training for a marathon (in Hawaii)!!!!

Ok... going into this I knew it wouldn't be easy but I am strong willed and will accomplish what I set my mind to. 

I have decided to look at the sunny side of the clouds versus the dark stormy side... an analogy I used on a preschooler this week who was upset that her daddy was late picking her up... we have been talking about weather this week!  :)  Anyway... I have decided to look at the perks of training and save the not so fun parts for later....

1.  I live in HI!
2.  I can eat whatever I like and not have to worry about gaining weight.  This is a first for me!  (Don't think this happens just in Hawaii- but the local grinds are so ono and definitely a perk!!!!)
3.  Not too hot... not too cold... just right!  However if you run in mid day heat you do find yourself consuming a bit more water then if you run at say 5am!!!)
4.  Pretty consistent trade winds... nature's natural air conditioner!
5.  Living on such a small island... I know lots of people along the running route to grab water... a pit stop... or that will take me to the ER! LOL!  Thankfully it hasn't come to this point yet but like I said early we are still in the early stages of training.

More perks to come soon!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How my day has changed???

How has my day changed since training for this marathon????

Not that I was a couch potato before but I am realizing I did a lot of sitting on my couch either with the computer, tv, or both, on.  That has lessened!  Take today and I am just in the beginning stages... I get off work at 4... meet up with my training partner at 4:15... train until 5:40... go to the grocery store... come home to my mom leaving a long message about needing to talk... ended up talking to her about family happenings for two hours while I ate dinner... washed dishes... sorted mail... watered the yard... made a salad for tomorrows Bible Study... etc.  When we hung up... (nearly 8pm) I turned on the tv while checking email... put away folded laundry... took a shower and by that time it is time that I normally snuggle up in bed with a good book... read a chapter and go to sleep.  Can't sleep tonight so I am journaling.

Maybe just one more chapter!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Relay for Life: The physical part!

The morning after Relay for Life!

It's Saturday mid morning and I just can't seem to get up and motivated to clean the house and do laundry.  After getting home a little before one am I thought  I was tired enough to sleep in... however  I went to bed at 1:45am... woke up at 4:15 and could still hear the music from relay for life filtering through the bedroom windows... woke up again at 7am to use the bathroom and then dozed throughout the morning.  I am a little sore but more just physically tired from working a 50 hour week with preschoolers, training for the marathon, and then 6 hours of off and on walking last night.  I did get up to work on the Esther study and make banana pancakes... then put a few things away and checked email but now I am back in bed with a kitty by my side... ready for a nap.

Oh... buddy... if this is how I feel after walking on and off for 6 hours... how am I going to feel after running/jogging/walking/crawling the 26.2 miles?  Argh!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Relay for Life: The Emotional and Spiritual Journey

Where to begin to this 2 part saga... (more to come on the physical part tomorrow!)... I have desire to do Relay for Life for a couple of years and God gave me the opportunity to walk in honor of a dear lady that one of my former preschoolers calls "Tutu" (aka grandma).  Sadly even cancer touches our youngest as two of my littles ones from last school year had to watch their grandparent battle the horrid disease.  One lost their battle this past spring and the other is cancer free at this point.  The latter is who I walked with tonight.  Her name is Linda!

Aunty Linda was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer... the doctor's were skeptical... she went through chemo and asked for prayer for God to heal her body.  God did heal her and the doctor's could not find any cancer cells.  On our shirts there were angel wings with the slogan "In God we trust".

There is no cancer in heaven... no pain... no tears... so even if cancer takes our life on this earth... we will be cancer free for all eternity!