Friday, January 6, 2006

Next Door Savior

Today was a good day.  I have been staying with the Baniaga's in Mililani while I have had this conference.  Lisa and Mark took me out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's last night.  I always get so spoiled when spending time with this family!  Went to the conference and set up for the seminar I was doing called "Popcorn to Pizza".  Then went to hear Dr. Jeff Myer speak on Thinking like a Christian.  The seminar I presented went great.  There were 38 people in the room and I received a great number of encouraging comments and suggestions.  The adminstrators  luncheon was held at Buzz's steakhouse.  After lunch went to a seminar entitled "Shape up- Tips to engage even the most reluctant sutdent".  The last seminar I went to was led by Barbara Fidellow.  As I sat there I was trying to figure out who she was... then it  hit me- she was one of the stories on Max Lucado's - Next Door Savior Bible study tapes!  She and her husband ran a Christian Montessori School in TX that had to close 4 years ago.  I spoke with her afterward and she said what a blessing it had been because it allowed her and her husband to speak and share their wealth of knowledge!  She said I was the first one who had ever mentioned seeing her on Next Door Savior.  I told her what an inspiration she had been to me!

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Standing in line

I am on the flight headed back to Oahu.  What a great trip it has been.  Yesterday Kimberly took Gramma and I up to Lincoln center to see Memorirs of a Geisha.  It was a good movie.  After that we went to Bellvue Mall then to Lifeway Christian.  We had dinner with Kimberly's mom and dad last night.

This morning I drove to John and Kimberly's and they took me to the airport.  While standing in line I ran into an old roommate who was also flying back today.  It was so good to meet up with a friend.