Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Must love dogs"

On the topic of singleness... several years ago a movie came out entitled.... "Must love dogs".  It was about singles looking for a match and one of the criteria is that the other person must love dogs.

I think if I had to write a personal ad for myself...mine would say... "Must love Jesus- first and foremost... then must love children"

When I started teaching preschool, I thought it would be the best birth control ever.  Twenty four children all day???  Well it seems to have only increased my desire to have children.  This summer I started off with four children.... I didn't know how to react with that few.  By the second week, I was pleased with the seven children the Lord blessed me with and a bit overwhelmed by nine.  So laughingly, I told a friend that my happy medium is eight children.  Now I realize that normal families don't have eight children the same age.  Whether biological or adopted, my future husband... must love children!

Single and satisfied... at least most days!

Over the past 30+ years,  I have learned a great deal about singleness.  With all of the recent comments, I thought I would list out a few mythbusters for singles...

  • It is a gift.  We need to treasure each day and choose to be content for today as that is all God has called us to.
  • I did not choose career over marriage.  I will happily give up my career to be a wife and mother.  I really pray that when a man is interested he will ask rather than be intimidated by someone who works full time.
  • Every one has their own opinions of why I am still single...  It is not because I am too fat... or teach preschool... or want several children... or live on an island... or can be a bit animated.... It is because God is still preparing me and my future husband.
As a single woman, I want a man who loves Jesus more than me and who will love me for me.... idiosyncracies and all.  I am not looking for a game but someone to be a partner with in this adventure called life.  I am tired of listening to the lies of the world and really praying that  I will be the Proverbs 31 woman that God has called me to be... whether single or married.

"Lord I am amazed"

Tonight as I was laying bed, not sleeping, mind reeling over recent events... I decided it was pertinent for me to get up and write.  I grabbed my music, notepad, and pen to begin writing all the thoughts going through my brain....

The first song that came on really hit me... "Lord I am amazed at You!"  It is such a humbling thought that even when my mind is so far from Him he is singing over me.  It is his beauty that draws me back.  I sit here overwhelmed by His love for me.  Tonight's sunset screamed of his majesty and awesomeness. 

How does someone as stubborn and selfish as myself deserve His mighty love?  It is truly his lovingkindness that brings us to repentance.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I stand

Standing where God wants us, despite what we think we want, with a heart abandoned unto God, is one of life's very difficult tasks... but it is what we are called to do.  Over the past few months, I have been reading throught the YWAM published Christian Heros books.  These men and women served the Lord with reckless abandonment... truly standing for the Lord despite the circumstances.  Several gave up their lives to spread the gospel.  Several gave up a posh lifestyle to live in adverse poverty. 

Such an inspiration and a reminder of what we are called to do.