Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Haiti: Empty Me

Empty Me... that is the prayer of my heart!  As I sit here with bags packed on my way back to Molokai from Haiti my heart cries out the words to the Jeremy Camp song...

"Holy fire burn away my desire for anything that is not of you and is of me.  I want more of you and less of me."

After spending a full week in Haiti, my heart is so overwhelmed with emotion.  This trip I have spent a lot of time with the children of Haiti.  Looking into their precious faces, I think of how much of the worldly treasures they don't have but yet their little faces radiate happiness.  Last year when I came to Haiti, I sponsored a little one that I had the privilege of meeting this year.  Ismy Love and his family of seven live in a rock hut that is 10 ft by about 12 feet.  When we got there Ismy and his siblings were playing while their mother was in Kenscoff for market day.  Five of our team members went with me on this home visit and they had a blast playing and taking pictures of the children.  Love breaks through language barriers!

Haiti: on the way out

As I sit here on the eve of heading back to Molokai, my heart is saddened.  There is such a need in Haiti and I could definitely see myself working with the children out here.  I am thankful that God made it very clear last year that I am to wait until I am married in order to adopt.  Otherwise it would be an incredible struggle to leave this place without a child.  On the other hand each child that I have held reminds me to pray for my future husband and our future children.

Oh Lord, my heart breaks for each of these children living in such poverty but oh how happy they are.  May you use me to minster to these little ones that are so close to your heart.  I pray that youare preparing a husband for me even now to love and care for children as much as you do.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Haiti: visit with Ismy Love

Alysa and I were on for breakfust duty... this morning we made eggs, bacon, and rice.

At 8:30am, Shannon, Risse, Keith, Andrew, and I went up to visit my little one... Ismy in Kenscoff.  He was out of school but we went by and saw the school and visited a 4th grade classroom where the kids sang and recited a verse for us.

Our driver, Willie and translator took us up to Viard to meed Ismy Love and his family.  His mom was in town buying supplies- beans to sell.  Ismy's 13yr old brother was watching all the children.  They live in a one room rock house where 7 people call home.  The children loved the toys we brought and the mom was thrilled to see us.

After the home visit we went up to Ft. Jacque for a tour.  It was build to withhold the French troops from invading Port Au Prince.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Haiti: arrival

After way too many hours of flying, we arrived in Port Au Prince shortly after Laura Bush.  We went through customs and then met up with Julie, Alejandro, and Keith.  We collected our 30 bags and headed out the terminal to meet up with Chris and Kelli.

All of us girls jumped in with Kelli and drove up to the BHM compound with a quick stop at an overlook.  It was so good to talk with Kelli again.  The entire way up to the mission... Shannon, Alysa, and Risse were all "look at that cow", etc. ... by the time we got to the mission... Alysa had taken 300 pictures.

Once at BHM, we unloaded the bags and went up to Mountain Maid for lunch.  After lunch, Patti took the team on a tour while Lizzy and I started unpacking bags and setting up reservations for home visits with Elsa.  Once doing that we realized that school was out of sessions for the next week so we had to revamp the schedule.

By the time we had a group meeting and dinner.  When dinner was finished, everyone had a glazed over exhausted look... Everyone went to bed!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Haiti: As the journey begins...

Well it is finally that time of the year.  Off to Haiti!  After months of planning and packing for endless hours, twelve team members sit on a flight from HNL to LAX.

It has been relatively uneventful as of this morning.  Praise God!  Barney just got his passport yesterday.  Some issue with his birth certificate.  Praise God that all got taken care of.