Saturday, July 24, 2010

31st birthday!

My heart is overflowing with God's greatness.  I have had the wonderful opportunity of spending my 31st birthday in Oahu with friends.  My b-day weekend started Friday when I flew to HNL.  Amber dropped me off at the airport where while talking with Uncle Don my boarding pass was brought to me.  While in the airport I caught up with Uncle Bill and then sat with Amy's mom and dad on the flight over.  Arrived, picked up car, and headed to Target to pick up a few things.  Saved over 16$ in coupons!  Reminded myself that it is ok to treat myself to a bag of dark chocolate.  Drove to Mililani where Momma Lisa made me dinner and Lauryn gave me an amazing facial while we caught up and played with the kiddos.  Didn't go to sleep until after midnight as I was so wired from the events of the day.

Reluctantly got out of bed at 6am on Saturday.  Lisa had oatmeal and papaya sitting on the table for breakfast.  Drove to the airport to pick up Bryant, Jeremy, and Bri (oh and Judah!)  While waiting I stopped at starbucks for my free venti mocha coconut frappachino and ran into one of the Nations girls who had come out on a mission trip to Molokai 5+ years ago.  She is now married and works at Starbucks!  Nice surprise as I have stayed with her parents several times.  Took Jeremy and Bryant to CC-Komo Mai and dropped them off at the "How to Walk" conference.  Bri and I then headed to the zoo where we spent a couple of hours strolling around looking at all the animals.  Judah fell asleep halfway through.  Went to Ala Moana and picked up my birthday gift at Sephora and some things for Jenn at the Lego store.  Bri treated me to lunch at Ruby Tuesday!

While eating lunch Jared called to wish me a happy birthday.  As I am thinking about our phone conversation my heart is heavy knowing all the things my brother is going through with his CO poisoning.  He mentioned that the dr's aren't giving him 10 years to live.  My heart just aches as my brother is so precious to me.

Lord even as I write that promises pop into my mind... You made Jared in a fearfully and wonderful way.  You created him with a plan and a purpose and you won't take him one day soon than your perfect timing.  Lord please give him your peace and comfort during this valley.  If it is in your plan... may you heal his body, brain, and heart, and protect him from the lies of the enemy that steal, kill, and destroy.  Lord thank you for your peace that passeth all understanding and your encouragement.

After lunch we headed to Mililani Costco for food for dinner and got HaggenDaz samples... and headed to the house.

Lauryn and family, Paul, David, Kevin, Dawn, and Bella came over for dinner and fellowship and red velvet cake and ice cream for dessert.  Who says God doesn't give us the desires of our heart?  We then walked to the park and let the kids play which they loved.  All of the women are such an encouragement to me.  As part of the evening, they roasted me and I was so humbled by the fact that almost all said that in the midst of hard times, I show joy.  That is such a reminder as I really struggle with joy.  I see myself on such an emotional roller coaster.  Oh the battle of flesh.  Now off to bed as my heart is overwhelmed by emotions!

Monday, July 5, 2010

A day at the beach

For the fourth of July weekend, a few of the Calvary Chapel families went to Papohaku camping. I was invited to come along but instead of camping, I chose to work til 5pm on Friday and then spend most of Saturday and Sunday working on the NAEYC program portfolio for accreditation.

I had a couple of "helpers" with this project.
By Sunday night at 10:30pm, my brain was fried with pulling evidence so I headed to bed with the intent of getting up Monday morning, hiking kalaupapa, and then heading to Papohaku for a few hours to visit with Bri, Jeremy, and the rest of the CC group. Well the hike didn't happen but the beach was amazing!
By the way this is a Molokai beach, fourth of July weekend! You can actually see the sand...

The sand, as Judah will tell you was a lot of fun. The water was crystal clear and so very nice.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Recently a friend posted on fb- Freedom comes from 2 people: Jesus and the American Soldier... one gives us freedom from sin and death and the other gives us freedom to live.

On this independance day 2010, it is important to be reminded of the freedoms that God has blessed us with....
  • We have the freedom to go and worship with other believers without fear of being arrested.

  • We have the freedom to own a Bible (or several) unlike some of our brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world that have to share one copy per village or hide a few pages just to read the Word.

  • We have the freedom to share our faith without being stoned to death (but yet we fear the rejection of man so we don't share what Christ is doing in our lives... much less the gospel)

  • We have the freedom to live and worship out loud but we have more enthusiasm for our favorite team than we do our creator, sustainer, and life-giver.

  • We have the freedom to spend eternity in heaven with Christ. Why don't we share those freedoms as so many living around us are living in bondage headed to hell.

So on this independance day, I truly thank God for each soldier that has given his or her life for my freedom but I truly thank God for sending Jesus for giving me the freedom from sin and death.