Monday, January 11, 2016

New day... new beginning!

Well it is Monday, January 11th... I am officially settling in to Southern California and today I started my new job at Christ Community Preschool in Laguna Hills.

I have been in California for just a few days after spending the holidays with my family in North Carolina.  I am adjusting to driving again after 2 years of using hired drivers and public transportation. (Thank the Lord for a great navigation system in my car!!! I can follow... turn left here!)  I am getting used to being back stateside again where most people speak a language that I understand... menus are in a language I can read... and being able to pick up the phone to chat with friends and family without trying to figure out how many hours they are ahead or behind ... or having to talk via a computer because I am internationally!

The question of the day is... how are you adjusting?... well now that I am over jet lag... I am hitting the ground running.  Working on getting paperwork done to be licensed in the state of California... scheduling meetings to get to know the board, elders, and staff... getting a health check and fingerprinting... along with all of the training that goes into taking over for a director that has been in this position for 40+ years.  Already planning a road trip to San Diego for the 3 day weekend coming up as well as making a list of all the other places nearby to explore.

So all in all... it is a new day of a new week in a new year... and the excitement is bubbling over for all of the new beginnings and adventures that I am sure to have!  Stay tuned!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Modern day good samaritan

With so much negative posted... thought I would post my glimpse at a modern day good samaritan...

Last night I flew into California... where I am officially setting up residence.  Met up with some friends from Molokai and then Justin came to pick me up from their house.  As we were driving home in the rain... Justin noticed in his rearview mirror a dark car slide across the 4 lanes of interstate... headlights go into the air and then disappear down a dark embankment. 

Knowing the time of night as well as how dark it was... he was concerned that no one would find the car or driver.  So he went back to render aid.  There was a vehicle behind us that also saw what had happened and stopped as well and then a 3rd truck circled around and came back to check on the situation.  As the 3 guys walked down to check on the lady and call 911 I couldn't help but think of the good samaritan story.  Of all the cars whizzing by on the interstate... 3 good samaritans stopped to render aid in the rain.  They gave up the comforts of being warm, clean, and dry to assist someone in need.  This challenged my heart to be more aware of those in need around me and not be in such a hurry that I don't focus on others hurting around me.

In the end... the lady driving was ok... thankfully she was wearing her seatbelt so when her car rolled she didn't get too badly hurt.  The car is totalled but vehicles can be replaced... lives not so much!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A new year with no regrets

"[Jesus] said to them, but who do you say that I am?"- Matthew 16:15

It's a new year... what goals do you have?  

Your goals for the year should reflect who or what you serve!

As we turn the calendar over to a new day... a new month... and a new year... while reflecting back over the past year... do you have any "I wish I had..." moments???  You know what I mean... 

I wish I had spent more time with my children... or
...not worried so much... or
... invested more in those around me instead of my job... or
...given more to those in need.

How do we live a spiritual life with out regret???

In this journey to be intentional and live life with no regrets...I have made some goals for the year ahead.

1.  No expectations...My hope lies in Christ alone.  If He was all I had, I would be complete.  When I set unrealistic expectations...especially on those around me... I am only setting my self up for failure and disappointment.  So with this no expectations... I am giving myself and others an extra measure of grace and being flexible with the situations that cross my path.

2. Little steps in the right direction... How do you eat an elephant?... one bite at a time!  If we are faithful in the little things... bigger opportunities will be given.  Do not discount small gestures like holding a door open or picking up something for someone else.  The simple gesture of putting others needs before your own is a huge step in the right direction of being intentional about being His hands and feet.

3. Living intentionally each day... Growing up we are taught... "Think before we speak".  I would like to add... and act.  If we were to think before we say or do anything how would it change what we do and who we are?  Would we be more apt to notice those around us that have needs?  My goal is to live intentionally... making the most of every opportunity that is put in my path.

4. Invest... If we are called to image Jesus and be His hands and feet... he didn't spend a whole lot of time in a building or with "religious leaders".  He spent his time, energy, and resources sharing the love of His Father.  I can share love to others because He first loved me and I want to pay it forward.

If I were no longer here... would people mourn that I am gone?  Am I affecting change within my community?  Is the world different because I have been here?

I have been blessed to bless others.  With all this said my goal is to do 100 acts of random kindness during 2016.  Paying it forward of all that has been given to me.  May I challenge you to step outside the box and live life with no regrets.