Friday, July 14, 2006

Red, hot, boiling lava

Written July 7th, 2006

Here I sit in the middle of a lava field watching hot magma flowing into the water of the Pacific Ocean. The steam from the collision of hot versus cold shoots up into the air and the trade winds carry it out to sea!!! What a magnificent sight! As night approaches, I can now see not only where the hot lava meets the sea but also the path down the side of the mountain.

Well if you haven’t guessed yet, I am at volcano national park in Hilo. My parents are out visiting. I met them at the airport on Monday and we flew to Big Island together. We have driven all over this island and have seen almost every part imaginable. I have gotten carsick and I have gotten soaked because I didn’t bring a raincoat!! Word to the wise: when visiting Hilo, bring a raincoat!

The longer I sit here writing the darker the sky is getting and the brighter the red of the lava shows which reminds me of God!! How so you may ask??? Just like the lava, God is always flowing through our lives creating a new landscape. When dark times approach, God should shine even more brightly. We should fade into the backdrop and the only thing that others see should be God through us.

Written and Sent July 14, 2006

After I wrote that last line in my journal, it was really too dark to see anymore! Mom, dad, and I hiked the three or so miles from the lava flow to our car parked on the side of the road. On our way back, I stopped to wait on mom and dad. Several people passed and I thought I recognized Dr. Nichol with his wife and daughter, Alanna. So I called, “Alanna” and she turned hearing her name. Sure enough, it was them! I go to church with this family on Molokai and he is my doctor. We talked while we walked back! “It’s a small world” became our theme song on our drive back to our hotel.

We left Big Island on Saturday afternoon and made it into Molokai that evening. Even though it is only a stone throw away, it takes several hours to travel between islands. To give you some idea… we arrived at Hilo airport at 2 for a 3:05 flight, flew 47 minutes to Oahu where we had to check in for our flight to Molokai that didn’t leave until 5:50. The flight to Molokai is only 20 minutes so we arrived at a little after six got our luggage and loaded into my jeep. We got to my house at 6:30!!

In the past week, mom, dad, and I have gone to the beach 3 times, been to the bog, worked up at school, and seen the sunset from the wharf. My parents have blessed me by doing electrical work, plumbing, gardening, cleaning, and organizing since they have been here. My car has had its oil, oil filter, air filter, and brake pads changed, tires rotated, and the underneath side greased!! I have definitely been blessed with parents who enjoy serving!!! I don’t know who is getting a better vacation!!

This is going to be the last email newsletter for the summer!! Mom and dad leave Tuesday the 18th. I have preschool parent orientation that night. Teacher meetings will be the rest of the week. School starts July 24th (my birthday)!! So far I have 17 children enrolled! It will definitely be an adventure this year. Please be praying!

I hope all is well with you. I would love to hear from you.
Much love and God’s blessings,