Sunday, May 28, 2000

A tribute to David

Today has been a very trying day.  Today was David Light's funeral.  He passed on to be with our heavenly father three days ago after a tree that he was cutting flew up and hit him in the head.  I found out Friday when Ashley called me.

The thought of David being gone didn't hit me until later Saturday night.  All day Sunday I kept praying for comfort for his family and his fiance, Michelle.  I felt so much grief, heartache, and loss for a friend and Christian brother.

At visitation there were probably 3000 people there to pay their respects.  David was so dear to so many people.  Michelle and his family seemed to be doing okay.  This is  really hard.  At his funeral the place was packed with people.  The music that played and the words that were spoken told of David's everyday walk with the Lord.  I realize that it was his time to go and that he is praising the Lord right now... but it still hurts.  David was such a great guy.  He loved the Lord and it showed.  I pray that I can be a witness for Jesus as David was and a friend to all.