Monday, March 20, 2006

NZ Adventures

March 20th

Our journey has begun... Candace, Ginger, and Aisha picked us up about 4pm and took us to MKK airport.  It took no time to check in and our flight didn't leave until 5:30.  Ginger is such a hoot. Julie and I are now sitting here waiting to check in at Air New Zealand.

Check in went really fast.  Julie and I went to the food court for dinner and had Chinese.  While eating, we had the chance to talk with an older couple from Lake Tahoe, CA.  They are involved in a Catholic church there. 

Galatians 1:10- "For do I not persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased man, I should not be the servant of Christ."

Romans 1:16

Wednesday, March 22nd

We arrived into Auckland airport about 7am, got our luggage, went through customs, and then waited on Charlie.  He got stuck in traffic so it took him about half an hour longer then he thought.  I realized coming in that people drive on the left side of the road.  That is something  I still haven't gotten used to yet. 

Charlie took us to their house- very nice 2 story house.  We are staying in Caleb's old room.  I didn't know that the Frinks have been serving here for 17 years! 

We settled in and went with Bo to town to exchange money and go grocery shopping.

Gas is $1.57 for a litre! 
Postage to mail a letter to the US mainland is $2.00.
Postcard $1.50
Fruit is relatively inexpensive.

Julie and I came back to the house and worked on booking a trip to the South Island.

About 2pm, we all loaded into the van and headed to downtown Auckland to the Kelly Tarlton Antartica Encounter.  There we got to go on snow cats and see gentoo and king penguins.  All of this is build under the road.  The Underwater world was built in Aucklands old sewer system.  It is one of those clear tunnels with sharks and fish swimming all around.  They also have a huge stingray tank.

After we finished there, Charlie and Bo took us to Mt. Eden (an extinct volcano).  There was an excellent view of Auckland.

Came home and had lamb chops and beans for dinner.  After dinner, Abigail found a hedge hog outside and ended up bringing it to the kitchen.  They are so cute to watch.  They ball up when scared and they are really poky.  We named him Hedgy!

We were in bed by 7:30pm.  It had been Sunday since we had actually slept in a bed!

Thursday, March 23rd

Woke up at 7:30 to use the "loo".  Laid back down to read my Bible and ended up falling back to sleep until 8:45.  Got up and had breakfast.  We then walked into town to go to the mall.  Julie and I shopped for a while, had McDonald's for lunch, then walked back.  On the way back we dropped tracks in mail boxes along the road.  Came back and did some of my Bible study.  Had dinner of corn beef, potatoes, and carrots.  Then figured out what we were going to do over the next couple of days.  Watched some of the commonwealth games with Abigail.  Wrote postcards.  Had chocolate chip ice cream and went to bed.

Friday, March 24th

We got up a little after 8 and go ready.  Julie and I went up and had breakfast and devotions with the Frink family.  I was really impressed that they do a morning Bible Study and they are singing through the hymnal.  So we sang "Away in the Manger!"  Bo took Julie and I to the travel agency to pick up our itinerairy for our trip to Queenstown.  Once we got some material for our trip we drove to Auckland Domain where Bo dropped us off at the Auckland Museum.  Julie and I explored there for a couple of hours.  They had a lot of artifacts from the different Pacific Islands.  They also had a very cool volcano exhibit.

Julie and I were both amazed at how museums are brainwashing the public in the areas of the world being "millions" of years old and what evolved from what.

After the museum we caught a bus for $3.00 to the Sky tower and walked to the Victoria Park Market.  Had a chicken kabob and potatoe wedges for lunch then did some shopping.  About 3:30pm we called Bo and Charlie to come pick us up.

We drove home in pretty heavy traffic.  Unpacked.  I got my stuff together for Sunday's children church.  Had dinner of sausages, pea salad, and potatoes.  Ended our day by having a major pillow fight with Abigail and Julie!

Saturday, March 25th

After a night with a sore stomach and several trips to the loo, I woke up at 8:45, put on hiking clothes, went upstairs for breakfast.  Had devo's with the Frink family.  Did a load of laundry.  Their washing machine is very small compared to the American washer.  I hung the clothes on the line.  Bo took Julie, Abigail, and myslef up to the Arataki Visitors Center where we walked around for a bit.  We then drove down to Piha Beach- which is known for its surfing with pretty rough undertow.  There were quite a few surfers out.  We hiked up and around the edge of the beach.  It was quite the hike.  Once we got to the end we climbed down the rocks to an area with several tidepools where we discovered starfish and lots of other mollusks.  It was really cool.  The beaches are black sand and absolutely beautiful.  We drove back home, had lunch, and then went to craftworld where NZ artisan's sell their homemade goods.  I bought a candle for J & L and a head pack for myself.  We also stopped by the grocery store to pick up some treats to take home.  Bo bought some TimTams and HokeyPokey Ice Cream (which is very yummy!!)  We drove home.  Julie and I with Abigail's help washed all of the windows in the house.  Had fish and chips for dinner and then watched NZ brightest kid and the Common Wealthy games.  Julie and I packed for Queenstown and now it's time to sleep!

Sunday, March 26th

Well it is Sunday!  I can't believe that we are half way through with our trip.  We have seen a lot but there is so much more to see.  God has been so good!

Julie and I got up a little after eight.  We got dressed for church then went upstairs for muffins.  We left for church about 9:30.  The church that Charlie preaches at is Waitakere City Bible Church.  We met several families.  The church is small (maybe 25 people) but very multicultural.  They are very conservative with their music (all hymns).  Bo played the piano.  After worship, I ran through the rain to the Sunday school room where I had 2 kids (Sam and Nicca) and 4 adults.  We went through the Easter story with the Resurrection Eggs.  The kids were very quiet.  The adults were evaluating me so that was kind of odd.  Afterward they went over the evals with me.  Everything went well except for being questioned if "Father Abraham" the song was Biblical.  I will have to do some investigative work on that.  Julie and I chatted with some of the people while we waited on Bo to have her women's meeting.  We had enough time to run home and grab a bite to eat before we headed to the airport.  They dropped us off at the airport, we checked in and headed toward the gate to board.  For domestic flights you only have to be there 30 minutes in advance.  I sat beside a man named Iesu from Kuwait.  We had a good conversation on the hour and 45 minute flight.  He is flying to Queenstown for a United Nations Agriculture meeting.  Landing in Queenstown, the scenery was beautiful.  We rented a car from Budget then went out and prayed over it.  Julie was a bit nervous driving on the left side of the road.  She did a great job driving to the Queenstown lodge where we had reservations to stay.  Very nice place!!!  In awe of the beauty.  We checked in and took the 6pm shuttle down to town for dinner and window shopping.  The temperature was nice and cool and the sunset was magnificent over Lake Wakatipu.  We caught the evening bus back to the lodge.  We mapped out what we want to see while sitting here watching the closing ceremonies of the Common Wealth Games.

Monday, March 27th

It is 6:30am!  Julie and I are up and getting ready for a long day of driving and sightseeing.  Breakfast was at 7am with eggs, toast, sausage, cerael, yogurt, fruit, etc.  Very nice to be complimentary.  God our bags and hit the road at 7:30am  bound for Milford Sound.  Our first major sight was the Remarkables (a huge mtn range) right outside of Queenstown.  We stopped at a cafe about 2 hours into the trip for coffee.  Very good.  Stopped a lot for scenery pictures.  Went to the visitors center in Te Anau.  Julie got a book about backpacking through the Fjiordland.  Also went past and stopped for pictures at Walker Creek, Lord of the Rings Scenery, Eglinton Valley, Mirror Lakes, Lake Gunn, Homer Tunnel, The chasm...

Got to Milford Sound about 2 and walked around a bit.  Paid $3.00 for a 20 ounce soda!! Then hit the road to head for Queenstown.  After a couple of stops for pictures and a dinner stop in Te Anau we made it to Queenstown in a little over 4 hours.  For dinner we had meat pies per Bo's suggestion.  Julie had steak and I had chicken.  They were very yummy. 

Well after a long day of riding in the car and walking around... I am going to bed!

Tuesday, March 28th

Almost the end of our trip!  We leave Queenstown tomorrow and also arrive in HI on the 29th. 

Julie and I got up at 7am, dressed, went to breakfast and left the room at 8:30.  Filled up with Petrol on our way out of town.  Got $ and hit the road.  As we were driving we stopped to see some guys bungee jumping.  The river they were jumping in is used in LOTR as the river that the fellowship float down.  We passed by several vineyards and wineries.  Drove up to Wanaka.  Stopped at a cafe for a Mocha and a Austrian delight.  Enjoyed walking around then got back in the car and headed back down to Queenstown via the crown range.  We got pulled by a police woman on our way to Arrowtown for going 61 km/hour in a residential neighborhood.  We were supposed to be going 50!  Anyway, Julie got an $80 fine.  We headed to Arrowtown with dampened spirits.  Drove around and took some picts.

Highlight of the day-  Driving through Deer Park Heights ($20 entrance fee).  There are animals everywhere.  We stopped to take a picture and I almost had a goat in my window.  He jumped up on the car window!  We got some great movie shots from Lord of the Rings.  Drove back down and around to our lodge.  Parked, unloaded, and caught the shuttle to town... had pizza hut for dinner and then cruised through the shops looking for souvenirs.  God back to the room at 9:15pm... showered and wrote postcards.

Wednesday, March 29th

Last day in Queenstown.  We slept in until 8am.  Got packed ate breakfast and headed to Glenorchy.  It was about a 45 minute drive down.  Some pretty sights and a very small town at the end.  We drove back to town and circled a while trying to find a parking spot.  Ended up paying to park.  Walked down to town.  Julie paid her speeding ticket, bought a hoodie and the nwe walked up to the gondola.  It was $19 to take the Gondola up but an awesome view from the top.  We headed down a little after 1pm... ate lunch at KFC, got the car, filled up with Petrol, and headed to the airport to drop off the car.  We checked in with no worries and sat in the terminal for a few minutes before board to head back to Auckland.

Thursday, March 30th

Well we head back to Hawaii today.  What a trip it has been!

We got up at 5:45, finished getting packed and got ready, had breakfast.  Abigail came down to say goodbye.  She is such a sweet girl.  Charlie took us to the airport and walked us to the security check point.  Did a bit of shopping to spend the rest of my $.  Waited to board the plane and then once we boarded we waited on the tarmac for a while.  As I am writing this we are three hours into the flight.

Dear Lord, As I sit here watching people, reading a book and listening to music, my heart wonders what you have in my future.  Please make my hearts desire yours and if it is not in your will for me to get married and have a family then take the desire away.  I want to be focused on your work not on the things of this world.  Please forgive me for not being bold with my faith and witnessing.  Lord I want to believe you but so much of me wants to see proof but that goes agains faith.  I don't want anything less than your best.  Show me where you want me!

Thank you for your patience with me.  I am amazed that you haven't struck me down yet.  Thank you for your grace and mercy.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Aloha ahiahi!!!

Boy what a couple of weeks it has been… I had to say goodbye to another friend today that is headed back to the mainland. Jon Small, who went to Tahiti with me as co- leader of the senior trip last March, said farewell to Molokai today as he left after being out here 2 and a half years. I think I have said this before but I will repeat it. I am so glad there will be no more sad goodbyes in heaven. I have gone through way too many living on Molokai.

Even through the turnover, God has constantly put people in my life even if just for a short time. Lately, I have been hanging out with the guys, literally! Marcus, Nick, Al, Rob, Jon, and Joshua (and Jasmine) have become my group of friends. Thankfully I am blessed to have a few of my old friends back visiting at the moment.

God is so faithful to provide!!! I go from living by myself to having a house full of people in a matter of weeks. Julie and Aisha are back on island visiting and Candace has moved home to Molokai. Almost every evening this week, there has been something going on. With that said there has been very little time to sit down and type up a news/prayer letter.

We have a mission team from Alabama out here at the moment. Last night they did a youth rally and more than 8 people accepted Christ and 7 rededicated their lives to Christ. Tonight they did an island wide praise and worship service!!! Which included local style music, hula, praise songs, drama, hymns, and southern gospel music. Wow!! Oh, how I miss Southern Gospel music! Anyway, I skipped out after the service to prepare food for tomorrow’s pot-blessing and then I thought I would sit down and send out a quick email before I head to bed.

I am mainly writing to ask for prayer.

The last two weeks at school have definitely been a spiritual battle. We have a two-week break so pray that God is doing a mighty work in my heart, my assistant’s heart, and the heart’s of the preschoolers.

There is one child in particular that burdens me. His name is Vincent. He hears about Jesus everyday that he is in preschool. His family is in the Bahai church and they are moving back to Holland. I have been talking to the mom since November about spiritual matters. The child is so precious but not knowing what he is moving into brings me to my knees. Please pray for Vincent and his family.

I also have a little girl in my class with special needs. As the year has progressed I see more and more things that need to be addressed in her behavioral development.

Enrollment for next year- Please pray that God will send the children that He wants in preschool for next year. Out of the upcoming 24 spots available, 12 are tentatively filled.

Spring Break- Monday, a friend and I head to New Zealand for 10 days to serve where needed. Please pray that God will use us according to His perfect plan. I am excited to see what God is doing
*Feel free to email me while I am gone. I am not promising a response until I get back though!!
Hope all is going well for you in your corner of the world. Thank you so much for your prayers. If there is anything I can pray for, for you, let me know.

Much love and God’s blessings,

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Out of the mouth of children come the most pro-founding statements!!! Being a preschool teacher I have the privilege of hearing a lot of these statements. One that I heard this week really made an impact on my heart. During Bible time with these little ones, we have been learning about the miracles of Jesus. To emphasize the lesson we have been teaching the kids this song…

Blind man stood by the road and he cried
Blind man stood by the road and he cried
Blind man stood by the road and he cried
He cried “whoa, whoa, whoa”
Show me the way, Show me the way, Show me the way, and the way to go home…

Woman stood by the well and she cried
Woman stood by the well and she cried
Woman stood by the well and she cried
She cried “whoa, whoa, whoa”
Show me the truth, Show me the truth, Show me the truth, and the way to go home…

Zaccheus sat in a tree and he cried
Zaccheus sat in a tree and he cried
Zaccheus sat in a tree and he cried
He cried “whoa, whoa, whoa”
Show me the life, Show me the life, Show me the life, and the way to go home…

Jesus hung on the cross and he died
Jesus hung on the cross and he died
Jesus hung on the cross and he died
He cried “whoa, whoa, whoa”
I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life and the way to go home!

While teaching a new song, we sing them all day long… at circle time, when we are dismissing them for snack and lunch, during outdoor play, etc. On Friday, we were singing this song while dismissing the kids for snack and one of the little boys went up to my teaching assistant and said “Did Aunty Angela just say that Jesus hung on the cross and he died? Why did he do that???” Perfect lead in to tell this little one why Jesus hung on the cross and he died. He did it to pay for our sins so that we don’t have to. This little one doesn’t come from a Christian home but from one where they are involved in the Bahai religion. What a testimony for him to go home singing this song to his parents. His mom has been asking a lot of questions about Christianity lately. Please pray that the Lord will continue to work on her heart.

I have had numerous parents, come back and tell me that their child is always singing about Jesus!!! Jesus said “let the little children come to me”. God calls us to come to him with child-like faith. I have been called to teach these precious little ones and through them their parents are being taught the truths of God’s word. On the other hand, it is extremely humbling for me to know that everything that comes out of my mouth and every action that I do, gets imitated to their moms, dads, aunties, and uncles.

God has been so faithful to provide in so many ways.

- Preschool has been blessed with our kitchen being completely remodeled!
- Pre-registration for next year’s preschool class is growing by leaps and bounds.
- Julie (my roommate) from last year is coming out for a visit.
- Candace (a dear friend) is moving back to Molokai after spending several months in Mexico with family.
- I have a teaching opportunity while I am visiting New Zealand.
Thanks for all of the thoughts, prayers, and support.
Much love and God’s blessings,
Angela Calhoun