Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A new season

It has been a while since writing on this blog... partly because I have started a new season in my life and we started a blog together to follow our adventures...

Feel free to catch up at... http://justinandangelasawesomeadventure.blogspot.com

Back to the moment at hand... because of the day it is (Fat Tuesday) and the fact that I had some extra time this afternoon to work in my new office/craft room... it got me thinking...

This is normally the season where people give up something for lent.  I understand the thought process behind this that whatever you give up should make room for you to ponder on the upcoming season and what Jesus has done for you.

Instead of giving something up for the next 40 days... I propose to give of my time, talents, and treasure for the next 40 days.  To do what we are called to do in the Bible... to be HIS hands and feet... to love others... to encourage... to come along side...to show others what He has truly done in our lives instead of what normally happens during this time when people give up... say caffeine... or something that makes them normally more agreeable on a daily basis.

Would the God of the universe desire that you are horrible to people while giving up something to focus more on HIM???  Just a thought!

What would happen if each of us did one random act of kindness... or said one encouraging word... or gave one hug... or provided one meal... or gave up one mocha on the run to sit down and chat with a friend?

I have been encouraged by my husband who is always looking out for how to help those around him... He is the reason I have an office/craft room at the moment as he cleaned out a spare bedroom while I was out on Sunday and set up my office space!  I have watched his kindness and care towards strangers and friends alike and have been inspired to look outside my own little bubble.  

So for the next 40 days... my goal is to use the resources God has blessed me with to bless others.  I may not track much but #blessedtobless.  I encourage you to see how you can bless those around you!