Saturday, November 9, 2002


November 9th 2002

Aloha family and friends-

The most amazing thing happened to me at 4:30am this morning. I was sound asleep and awoken to the sound of a high pitch bark very close to the house. I knew immediately it was a deer.

Yes, the deer here bark like dogs!!!

I quickly but quietly went downstairs and opened the screen door. It was too dark to see but I could hear them running beneath me. (Sarah and I are staying at a friend's house in the Kawela's that overlooks the rocky and grassy hills of Molokai!) Anyway I went back inside and got the handheld spot light and turned it outside. There were baby deer everywhere. I think I counted 17 babies not to mention all of the mom's and dad's. All of the deer had been within a few yards of the house. As I shown the light, I saw dozens of pairs of deer eyes staring back at me. It was the neatest thing to be awoken to!!!

Well I think it has been at least 3 weeks since I have sent out any kind of note, so I thought I would email and let you know what is going on out here.

At school we are almost halfway through 2nd quarter. Each of my fourth graders are doing well and keeping me on my toes to challenge them. The majority of them are doing very well on introductory fractions. Which is awesome!!!

Weather wise- While most of you are experiencing the colder weather, our fall started out wet. We have already missed two days of school on the account of rain. The island was in much need of some rain, so now our island is beautiful and green again. The temperatures are getting cooler here as well. It was 62 degrees in Kaunakakai the other night and I thought it was nippy and cool. Our daytime temps are still in the 80's.

What am I up to? Besides teaching, I tutor a little girl. I am learning the sign language to Rachael Lampa's song "No greater love". I housesit and animal sit for a menagerie of animals almost every weekend. I try to spend some time finishing up projects and I also try to relax with friends occasionally. :)

Challenges- God has been putting some pretty big challenges in my path over the past few weeks. Even though I cannot go into the situations, I do ask that you will keep praying. As Pastor Randy mentioned last Sunday "How do we deal with the unexpected challenges in our lives?" Do we look to things of this world to "solve" our problems or do we look toward things of heaven? He was starting a series on the book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah, when faced with an unexpected challenge, reacted in three ways- physically (sat down and wept), emotionally (mourned), and spiritually (fasted and prayed). Our eyes need to be focused on things of heaven rather than things of this world. So keep looking up!!!!

Plans for the holidays- I will be leaving Molokai on December 13 and flying to the east coast to arrive on Saturday December 14. I will be headed back home on January 8th. I would love to see you if you are going to be in the Elon area, during that time. Please let me know. I will also be presenting on Molokai, December 29th at Kerr's Chapel Baptist Church (morning) and Pleasant View (evening service). I look forward to seeing you!

Please let me know if you have any prayer requests or praises that you would like me to pray for.
Much love and God's Blessings-