Sunday, July 10, 2016

Things done and yet to do...

One of the greatest stress relievers in my life is to be creative!  Since taking this new job as director... it definitely comes with more stress but a bigger staff to dote upon regularly. 

Candy bouquet for staff appreciation week

with the label "You were MINT to be a teacher"

Something else I throughly enjoy is organizing and cleaning... pinterest has been a great help with ideas of how to organize all of the supplies in my office!

 In May I joined a group of ladies from church to work on pillowcase dresses to help those less fortunate.  They were fun and easy to make and it gave me a great opportunity to meet new friends.

I can't dote on everyone else and forget about the amazing man in my life that I get to spend our date nights cooking with and trying out new recipes!

These are some ideas that we have picked out while looking through model homes, art festivals, and home stores for furnishings!  So ready to try some of these ideas!!!

Last but not least... end of the year goodies for my staff that I have recently put together to say thank you and enjoy your summer!

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